Image of The Night by Michele Guidarini
  • Image of The Night by Michele Guidarini

The Night by Michele Guidarini



Mixed media on Rolling Stone magazine cover
22cm x 30cm (8.7in x 11.8in)

This mixed media piece includes pens, ink, various markers, aerosol and collage. Inspired by Fransisco Goya and Francis Bacon, Michele Guidarini's work contains hidden symbols reflecting the overwhelming oceans of information and peculiarities that inundates us now. Michele negotiates his way through pop culture, mass media as well as classical icons to create new meaning and idiosyncrasies that reflect the heart, soul and drama of the current era.

About the artist:

Michele Guidarini is an established artist and graphic designer based in Grosseto, Italy. Having over 12 exhibitions throughout Italy and being featured on numerous publications, his mixed media work can be distinctively coined “apocalyptic pop”, dark and beautiful, amusing yet unforgiving, and always visually flamboyant. Michele Guidarini was born in 1981 and graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Rolling Stone Italy featured him as one of the greatest Italian young talents.