Image of City Chic by Ann-Kathrin Nikolov

City Chic by Ann-Kathrin Nikolov



Acrylic on Wood Panel
30cm x 60cm (11.8in x 23.6in) Diptych

The city has always been a haven for intellectual life, but life in the city has never been easy, it is overwhelming and crammed. Through the distress, urban life has a powerful impact on how we think. The city creates moments of transcendence that is necessary for art and culture to flourish. The colorful paintings of Ann-Kathrin Nikolov depict the complexities of urban lifestyle amidst a whimsical and casual tone. With a street-art edge, she contemplates the connection of the mind to the city environment, representing the individual as an architectural entity — the city and its people as one.

About the artist:

Ann-Kathrin Nikolov is a graphic artist from Cologne, Germany. She graduated from the RMIT School of Design in 2004 then went on to study Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen.

"I have lived in cities of different sizes and all of this urban environment influences me and my art every day. One of my topics is the individual in fusion with the city."