Image of Cathedral by Emily Lau

Cathedral by Emily Lau



Oil on Canvas
80cm x 68cm (31.5in x 27in)

Cathedral hits a main vein of our generation. It captures the loneliness, frustrations and vulnerabilities we feel after two decades of technological change. Modern life has made us more alienated by our own dramas and competitions. Emily Lau's painting provokes a sense of melancholic sweetness, wonder and mystery. It restores our thirst for the unknown, it brings to our attention the importance of late night independent thinking. When your imagination takes you around the icy moons of a foreign planet, our problems on earth seem small and petty. Painted on unique hexagon shaped canvas.

About the artist:

Born in 1979, Emily Lau is an artist from Hong Kong. Emily graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Increasingly celebrated for her wit, her works satirically depict cheerful scenes that are perplexing yet humorous that we face in our daily lives, finding charms in our weakness in an ironically bright tone. A major theme in her work is the loneliness of urban lifestyle. Viewers can be easily engrossed in her youthful dreamscapes, complete with shadowy figures painted in black, which embody the personal isolation and lack of individualism experienced by city dwellers. The figures hint at our feelings of displacement and feebleness, at the same time they remind us to be strong and humble. Emily is currently based in Caen, France.