How will you ship the artwork to me?

We use Hong Kong Speed Post for shipping. 

How long will it take for my painting to arrive?

We usually ship the next business day after your completed order. Shipping to the United States takes 3-4 business days, shipping to the United Kingdom takes 4-5 business days. Shipping to Mainland China takes 3-4 business days. For everywhere else, we'll let you know through email! An online tracking number will be provided for all packages.

Why is the fee I'm charged for shipping higher than the postage paid on my parcel?

The Hong Kong Speed Post charge is for postage only. Our charges are for shipping and handling. Handling costs include the cost of packaging materials as well. 

How are the artworks packaged?

Prints are rolled up and placed inside a round carton while paintings are wrapped in layers of bubble wrap then placed inside a foam case.

How do you choose what goes on your online store?

We feature popular artists from the Mischmasch artist community. To learn more about Mischmasch popularity points click here.

I like a painting on your website, can I see it in person?

Sure, all of the artworks listed here are available for viewing at Mischmasch Gallery in Central, Hong Kong. 

Who are you???

Mischmasch was founded in December 2008 by Rhode Island School of Design alumna Alice Zhang. Mischmasch, Mischmasch Gallery and the Mischasch Online Store are owned, operated and trademarked by the team at Plus A Design Ltd.